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NC Election Law and Redistricting Attorneys

For decades, the Election Law attorneys of Tharrington Smith have represented private citizens and government entities in election law matters, including assisting local governments across North Carolina with the redistricting process.

Election Law and Redistricting

Tharrington Smith has been a leader in North Carolina Election Law and Redistricting matters. Our firm is staffed with lawyers possessing the knowledge and experience to assist clients with the full spectrum of election law matters, including:

  • Election protests
  • Residency challenges
  • Campaign finance issues and investigations
  • Matters pertaining to the Voting Rights Act

Tharrington Smith also has assisted counties, cities, and school boards with the complex redistricting process. We have a long history of representing clients before County Boards of Elections, the State Board of Elections, the trial and appellate courts of North Carolina, and the federal courts in election law matters.

Our clients include:

  • Individual citizens
  • Campaign committees
  • Local government entities
  • County Boards of Elections
  • Political parties
  • Candidates for office
  • Elected Officials

Election Law & Redistricting Attorneys

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