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Catastrophic Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

The American Medical Association defines a catastrophic injury as a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, which can include fractures to the skull or spine. Catastrophic injuries can also include the loss of a limb, paralysis, severe burn injuries, disfigurement, emotional distress (such as post-traumatic stress disorder) and injuries that result in significant scarring. Catastrophic injuries can require repeated reconstructive surgeries and significant medical treatment; cause permanent disability, impairment or disfigurement along with significant suffering; necessitate a lifetime of medical care; and substantially shorten an injured person’s life expectancy.

These types of injuries can devastate a family both financially and emotionally due to the need for permanent personal assistance and 24-hour care. Victims of personal injury are entitled to financial compensation for their past and future medical expenses, personal care, loss of income and other financial losses, and pain and suffering. Rehabilitation for catastrophic injuries may require a large team of caregivers such as a neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, neuropsychiatrist, vocational expert, life-care planner, neuro-psychologist, and physical, occupational and speech therapists. In most cases, the lives of the injured individual’s family are completely disrupted as they focus their energies on securing proper medical care.

We work with families who are experiencing the pain, confusion, and devastation from a serious and permanent injury. Choosing to pursue a claim is something that most of our clients never imagined they would one day face. We will walk you through the litigation process to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and to seek justice and compensation for medical expenses, loss of income and long-term care and rehabilitation.

If you have lost a loved one in a circumstance that could have been prevented if someone had taken appropriate care, your family may be entitled to compensation under the North Carolina Wrongful Death Act. Generally, liability for personal injury and wrongful death are similar, but there are some unique legal considerations for wrongful death cases. Under North Carolina law, a wrongful death claim exists when the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act, neglect or fault of another. The basic purpose of the Wrongful Death Act is to put the legal beneficiaries of the deceased person in the same position financially that they would have been had the victim not died. Claims for wrongful death include the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, negligent maintenance of property (premises liability), negligent design or manufacture of products (product liability), and medical negligence. Although a human life can never be replaced, a recovery under the Wrongful Death Act can provide financial security, preserve the family home, and ensure the college education of the survivors. We have successfully represented families bringing Wrongful Death claims in a variety of contexts, including motor vehicle and drunk driving deaths, aviation and workplace accidents.

We will guide you through the analysis and litigation process during this most difficult of times.

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