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Throughout its history, Tharrington Smith has proven its passion for all types of law.  We have gone to court in nearly every dispute imaginable–from complex business litigation to personal injury and employment disputes.  We routinely handle lawsuits involving business torts, employment discrimination, construction, voting rights, intellectual property, contracts, products liability, professional negligence, and the like.  In state court or federal court, with and without juries, before administrative boards, at trial and on appeal, Tharrington Smith represents cases one client at a time.

Often our expertise is best applied in keeping clients out of court.  To that end, our lawyers draft contracts, develop policies and procedures, and negotiate the resolution of disputes before litigation arises.  We spend as much time in mediation and arbitration as we do in court.

Attorneys with actual courtroom experience are in short supply these days.  Tharrington Smith has a number of lawyers who have appeared in all levels of court, in North Carolina and elsewhere.  They are comfortable in the courtroom, but also know when to seek an alternate solution.

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